Wednesday 1 June 2011

Best Workout for Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone knows that your astrological sign can give you insight into how you tick and how you love, but few are aware of another way your astrological sign influences you. Each sign in the zodiac rules certain body parts, which in turn affects your health and how you should exercise. Ever wondered why you are always injuring your knee or why swimming feels so natural to you? It may be your sign.

When a sign “rules” certain parts of the body, you actually want to avoid activities that could potentially harm that body part. For example, Leo rules the heart, so Leos are prone to heart attacks. Therefore, Leos should engage in workouts that benefit circulation and be careful not to overdo it. For those who cannot get enough about astrology, there is a whole field devoted to the medical side of it, but this information is a good start to figuring out how to exercise according to your sign.

Aries: head, brain, eyes, face, and muscles

Working out comes naturally to you since it boosts your mood and reduces stress. You love to win and gravitate toward sports that have direct competition, but you should avoid anything that would stir anger as this leads to high blood pressure and potential headaches. You seem to enjoy bursts of intensity and sweating. But watch what you are doing—your carelessness can lead to bumps and bruises, or even head injuries. Activities you should look into are tennis, motor sports, football, endurance cycling, weight lifting, and fencing. Don’t overdo it and don’t expect immediate results.

Taurus: neck, throat, thyroid gland, vocal chords, and tonsils

Taureans love comfort—and food—so exercise can seem a chore. But you are prone to weight gain as you get older, so you need to participate in regular activity. Simple things like stretching and doing strengthening exercises will work, and make sure to add something like dancing. Avoid super-competitive sports. Activities that might tickle your fancy are light jogging, tennis, windsurfing, cross-country skiing, and belly dancing. Nature will motivate you, so walk or bike in good scenery. Listening to music will also add some enjoyment to exercise. Even gardening or walking the dog will help. Since you love being at home, purchasing home workout equipment is actually a very good idea.

Gemini: hands, arms, lungs, and nervous system

The typical Gemini (if that’s even possible) is on the go all the time, so usually, your everyday lifestyle helps keep you fit. You need to avoid boredom and routine—you are unlikely to stick with anything that isn’t mentally stimulating. Incorporating music and social activity into your workout also keeps you motivated. Avoid shallow breathing and don’t overdo it as your lungs are quite sensitive. Group exercises/sports and gymnastics are good choices. Also, being the twins, you enjoy a sport with a partner. If you can find the time (and the attention span) to do some yoga, you will keep colds and the flu at bay.

Cancer: breasts, breastbone, stomach, digestive system, and womb

The commitment type, Cancerians are able to find one sport/exercise and commit to it for the long haul, while pushing yourself to the limit. Water sports and being part of a team also appeal to you. Does this sound like a famous Olympian you know? Sure enough, Michael Phelps is a Cancer. Since you are crab-like, lateral movements come easy to you, so side leg lifts and bending work well. Walking the dog is good; focusing on your abs is also a good idea since Cancerians tend to gain weight around the midsection.

Leo: heart, upper back, spine, and the aorta

Leo governs sports and recreation, so sports and fitness come naturally to you. Regular exercise is good for your circulation, but avoid overdoing it, especially in your upper back. Exercising in public appeals greatly to you; just avoid watching yourself in front of the mirror too much. Since you are a born leader, taking a class will probably bore you since someone else is in charge; you often excel at being your own personal trainer. Leos (especially men) are prone to heart attacks, so walking or jogging in the fresh air strengthens your circulatory system, though you may get out of breath quickly. Activities that work are Pilates, couples dancing, and any activity where you can show off. Remember to stretch—think about a lion’s deep stretches.

Virgo: sympathetic nervous system, spleen, and digestive system

In general, Virgos like to stay fit; however, your interest probably comes more from a desire to be clean and healthy than vanity. With seemingly endless energy, you respond well to full body participation, so sports like cycling, football, and hockey hold your interest. You love to be outside, so keep that in mind; a smelly gym is not a good idea. Set realistic goals to avoid disappointment, which will interfere with your workout. You are usually very strong, so endurance sports also work well for you.

Libra: skin, lumbar region, kidneys, and buttocks

Librans should focus on organized and gentle fitness options—posh health clubs appeal to you. Ice-skating and golf are options, but low-impact cardio and stretching will quiet down your brain. Avoid heavy lifting or anything that could cause stress to your lower back. You can be prone to fatigue or tiredness, so try to stay motivated. Finding a gym buddy is a good idea, but don’t get so carried away with socializing that you forget the workout.

Scorpio: reproductive system, genitals, and excretory system

Scorpios are intense, so involve yourself in strenuous, competitive, and serious fitness activities with intense movement. Activities with spurts of extreme peaks and heart-pounding cardio appeal to you, but try to avoid being too hard on yourself, as you are prone to torn ligaments and other stress-induced injuries. Good activities are boxing, martial arts, triathlons, and distance running; skip the yoga. Since you need a lot of alone time, you will probably peddle or run faster when left alone. Have a focused cool down period since you need to soothe your nerves after being challenged.

Sagittarius: liver, hips, thighs, and sciatic nerve

The healthiest of all the signs, Sagittarians need plenty of exercise, preferably outdoor activities. With your strong legs and thighs, skiing and biking are good options. Focus on stretches that build flexibility in your hamstrings to avoid straining your back. You can be accident-prone, so be careful when doing more extreme sports like skiing. You should also make sure you breathe deeply during exercise. It helps if there is a point to your workout; training for competitions is an excellent choice. Gyms are a good idea and having a workout buddy will increase your motivation.

Capricorn: bones (skeletal structure), joints, knees, and teeth

Capricorns do not expect immediate satisfaction, so endurance is the name of the game here. Since your sign governs the bones and joints, you need to move regularly to avoid feeling stiff. Hiking and rock climbing appeal to the mountain goat in you and also fill your need to challenge yourself. Jogging, walking, and cycling are good options as well, especially in long duration. Just be careful of your knees and don’t do anything too high impact.

Aquarius: circulatory system, ankles, Achilles heal, calves, and shins

Aquarians don’t like to feel restricted, so the more quirky the exercise, the more likely it will appeal to you. Skydiving and extreme sports are a good fit, but dancing also works well because of the freedom of movement. Avoid eating too much starch, especially before a workout, since you tend to get tired after eating from that food group. Training for long distance running and triathlons is a good idea since you are out there on your own. Do your best to avoid routine—you will get bored. Improving your circulation is key, so try activities like running and swimming.

Pisces: feet and the immune system

Your sign is not very sporty, so avoid strenuous activities. Options like yoga and dance use fitness for finding balance and peace. Pisceans are prone to all kinds of foot problems—bunions, breaks, even Athletes’ Foot. Water sports, especially swimming and surfing, are ideal for you, as water is pretty much your natural habitat. You love to eat, but you can offset this by using your natural ability to motivate yourself. A true music lover, dancing and aerobics are a good activity, especially if there is a promise of a hot sauna afterward.

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