Wednesday 1 June 2011

Best Workout for Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone knows that your astrological sign can give you insight into how you tick and how you love, but few are aware of another way your astrological sign influences you. Each sign in the zodiac rules certain body parts, which in turn affects your health and how you should exercise. Ever wondered why you are always injuring your knee or why swimming feels so natural to you? It may be your sign.

When a sign “rules” certain parts of the body, you actually want to avoid activities that could potentially harm that body part. For example, Leo rules the heart, so Leos are prone to heart attacks. Therefore, Leos should engage in workouts that benefit circulation and be careful not to overdo it. For those who cannot get enough about astrology, there is a whole field devoted to the medical side of it, but this information is a good start to figuring out how to exercise according to your sign.

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